August 4, 2017

MedTrainer ABDM


Highly realistic abdomen model

The body part of the Med-Trainer Abdomen is modeled based on an insufflated abdomen of a real patient to obtain highly realistic anatomical landmarks for laparoscopic surgery operations. Med-Trainer Abdomen's simulated endoscopic camera system can be connected to monitor and a personal computer simultaneously which allows trainers to record their working sessions.

Custom-made laparoscopic access options

Med-Trainer Abdominal provides different trocar accesses which are specifically defined for each surgical branch with the support of the relevant associations and customers. Also common model is available which has standard port entries for general trainings.

Technical Spesifications

Insufflated abdomen shaped opaque trainer box

Tailor-made trocar entrance and instrument access ports options

Internal light source

Height and decline of working tray can be adjustable.

Suitable and washable working tray for different type of exercises

Material fixing attatchments

Water proof simulated endoscopic camera

Allows team training

Plug and play installation

Easy to carry with rope handles

MedTrainer Abdomen